Commit 4dee1646 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Fix annotations

The function gtk_label_set_attributes() is also used to
unset attributes, by passing %NULL. Reflect that in the
argument annotations.
parent 5666522a
......@@ -2232,10 +2232,10 @@ gtk_label_set_text (GtkLabel *label,
* gtk_label_set_attributes:
* @label: a #GtkLabel
* @attrs: a #PangoAttrList
* @attrs: (allow-none): a #PangoAttrList, or %NULL
* Sets a #PangoAttrList; the attributes in the list are applied to the
* label text.
* label text.
* The attributes set with this function will be applied
* and merged with any other attributes previously effected by way
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