Commit 4aa75fcf authored by Tor Lillqvist's avatar Tor Lillqvist

Revert "Use wide character API in the Windows IME module"

Ha, pango_win32_font_logfontw hasn't been exported from libpangowin32
after all due to a typo. This will have to wait. And actually
libpangowin32 is supposed to be deprecated surely, so that
functionality should be moved to libpangocairo or something.

This reverts commit 804effba.
parent d7ceebda
......@@ -790,7 +790,7 @@ gtk_im_context_ime_set_preedit_font (GtkIMContext *context)
gunichar wc;
PangoContext *pango_context;
PangoFont *font;
LOGFONTW *logfont;
LOGFONT *logfont;
g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_IM_CONTEXT_IME (context));
......@@ -878,9 +878,9 @@ gtk_im_context_ime_set_preedit_font (GtkIMContext *context)
if (!font)
logfont = pango_win32_font_logfontw (font);
logfont = pango_win32_font_logfont (font);
if (logfont)
ImmSetCompositionFontW (himc, logfont);
ImmSetCompositionFont (himc, logfont);
g_object_unref (font);
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