Commit 48fa89f9 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

wayland: Do not store the grab cursor separately

After the grab is finished, we would expect an enter event, and
GDK updating internally the cursor for that window and device.
This means there is no need at all to store it separately in the

As a side effect, animated cursors are now also possible on grab
parent f3e1c088
......@@ -95,7 +95,6 @@ struct _GdkWaylandDeviceData
guint32 repeat_count;
GSettings *keyboard_settings;
GdkCursor *grab_cursor;
guint cursor_timeout_id;
guint cursor_image_index;
guint cursor_image_delay;
......@@ -204,12 +203,7 @@ gdk_wayland_device_update_window_cursor (GdkWaylandDeviceData *wd)
guint next_image_index, next_image_delay;
gboolean retval = G_SOURCE_REMOVE;
if (wd->grab_cursor)
buffer = _gdk_wayland_cursor_get_buffer (wd->grab_cursor, 0,
&x, &y, &w, &h, &scale);
else if (wd->cursor)
if (wd->cursor)
buffer = _gdk_wayland_cursor_get_buffer (wd->cursor, wd->cursor_image_index,
&x, &y, &w, &h, &scale);
......@@ -235,13 +229,6 @@ gdk_wayland_device_update_window_cursor (GdkWaylandDeviceData *wd)
wl_surface_commit (wd->pointer_surface);
if (wd->grab_cursor)
/* We admit only static icons during drags so far */
gdk_wayland_device_stop_window_cursor_animation (wd);
return retval;
next_image_index =
_gdk_wayland_cursor_get_next_image_index (wd->cursor,
......@@ -500,10 +487,10 @@ gdk_wayland_device_grab (GdkDevice *device,
g_clear_object (&wayland_device->grab_cursor);
g_clear_object (&wayland_device->cursor);
if (cursor)
wayland_device->grab_cursor = g_object_ref (cursor);
wayland_device->cursor = g_object_ref (cursor);
gdk_wayland_device_update_window_cursor (wayland_device);
......@@ -542,7 +529,6 @@ gdk_wayland_device_ungrab (GdkDevice *device,
/* Device is a pointer */
g_clear_object (&wayland_device->grab_cursor);
gdk_wayland_device_update_window_cursor (wayland_device);
if (wayland_device->pointer_grab_window)
......@@ -2162,8 +2148,6 @@ pointer_surface_update_scale (GdkWaylandDeviceData *device)
device->current_output_scale = scale;
if (device->grab_cursor)
_gdk_wayland_cursor_set_scale (device->grab_cursor, scale);
if (device->cursor)
_gdk_wayland_cursor_set_scale (device->cursor, scale);
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