Commit 44999fa2 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Add Emoji data

The json file is imported from the (MIT-licensed) emoji.json[0] node
module, which generates it from the emoji list published by the
Unicode Consortium.

This commit also adds a little tool to convert the data into
a compact GVariant, and the result of that conversion, which is
added to libgtk as a resource. The following commits will make use
of it.

parent a2768144
......@@ -1277,6 +1277,7 @@ gtk.gresource.xml: inspector/
echo " <file preprocess='xml-stripblanks'>inspector/$$n</file>" >> $@; \
done; \
echo " <file>inspector/logo.png</file>" >> $@; \
echo " <file>emoji/</file>" >> $@; \
echo " </gresource>" >> $@; \
echo "</gresources>" >> $@;
......@@ -1698,6 +1699,8 @@ EXTRA_DIST += \
$(gesture_sources) \
$(theme_sources) \
$(gsettings_SCHEMAS) \
emoji/convert-emoji.c \
emoji/emoji.json \
a11y/ \
deprecated/ \
inspector/ \
/* convert-emoji.c: A tool to create an Emoji data GVariant
* Copyright 2017, Red Hat, Inc.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library. If not, see <>.
/* Build with gcc -o convert-emoji convert-emoji.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs json-glib-1.0`
#include <json-glib/json-glib.h>
#include <string.h>
parse_code (GVariantBuilder *b,
const char *code)
g_auto(GStrv) strv = NULL;
int j;
strv = g_strsplit (code, " ", -1);
for (j = 0; strv[j]; j++)
guint32 u;
char *end;
u = (guint32) g_ascii_strtoull (strv[j], &end, 16);
if (*end != '\0')
g_error ("failed to parse code: %s\n", strv[j]);
return FALSE;
g_variant_builder_add (b, "u", u);
return TRUE;
static const char *blacklist[] = {
"older adult",
"woman with headscarf",
"bearded person",
" elf", // avoid matching selfie
"in steamy room",
"in lotus position",
"person in bed",
"man in suit levitating",
"horse racing",
"love-you gesture",
"palms up together",
main (int argc, char *argv[])
JsonParser *parser;
JsonNode *root;
JsonArray *array;
GError *error = NULL;
guint length, i;
GVariantBuilder builder;
GVariant *v;
GString *s;
GBytes *bytes;
if (argc != 3)
g_print ("Usage: emoji-convert INPUT OUTPUT\n");
return 1;
parser = json_parser_new ();
if (!json_parser_load_from_file (parser, argv[1], &error))
g_error ("%s", error->message);
return 1;
root = json_parser_get_root (parser);
array = json_node_get_array (root);
length = json_array_get_length (array);
g_variant_builder_init (&builder, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("a(ausaau)"));
i = 0;
while (i < length)
JsonNode *node = json_array_get_element (array, i);
JsonObject *obj = json_node_get_object (node);
GVariantBuilder b1, b2;
const char *name;
const char *code;
int j;
gboolean skip;
g_variant_builder_init (&b1, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("au"));
g_variant_builder_init (&b2, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("aau"));
name = json_object_get_string_member (obj, "name");
code = json_object_get_string_member (obj, "code");
if (strcmp (name, "world map") == 0)
skip = FALSE;
for (j = 0; blacklist[j]; j++)
if (strstr (name, blacklist[j]) != 0)
skip = TRUE;
if (skip)
if (!parse_code (&b1, code))
return 1;
while (i < length)
JsonNode *node2 = json_array_get_element (array, i);
JsonObject *obj2 = json_node_get_object (node2);
const char *name2;
const char *code2;
GVariantBuilder b22;
name2 = json_object_get_string_member (obj2, "name");
code2 = json_object_get_string_member (obj2, "code");
if (!strstr (name2, "skin tone") || !g_str_has_prefix (name2, name))
g_variant_builder_init (&b22, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("au"));
if (!parse_code (&b22, code2))
return 1;
g_variant_builder_add (&b2, "au", &b22);
g_variant_builder_add (&builder, "(ausaau)", &b1, name, &b2);
v = g_variant_builder_end (&builder);
bytes = g_variant_get_data_as_bytes (v);
if (!g_file_set_contents (argv[2], g_bytes_get_data (bytes, NULL), g_bytes_get_size (bytes), &error))
g_error ("%s", error->message);
return 1;
return 0;
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