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enums: Document GtkPropagationPhase

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......@@ -1049,6 +1049,24 @@ typedef enum
} GtkInputHints;
* GtkPropagationPhase:
* @GTK_PHASE_NONE: Events are not delivered automatically. Those can be
* manually fed through gtk_event_controller_handle_event(). This should
* only be used when full control about when, or whether the controller
* handles the event is needed.
* @GTK_PHASE_CAPTURE: Events are delivered in the capture phase. The
* capture phase happens before the bubble phase, runs from the toplevel down
* to the event widget. This option should only be used on containers that
* might possibly handle events before their children do.
* @GTK_PHASE_BUBBLE: Events are delivered in the bubble phase. The bubble
* phase happens after the capture phase, runs from the event widget, up to
* the toplevel.
* Describes the stage at which events are fed into a #GtkEventController.
* Since: 3.14
typedef enum
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