Commit 41d36aef authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

remove some deprecated parts from the docs

parent 7447ef0f
......@@ -122,7 +122,6 @@ that is, GUI components such as #GtkButton or #GtkTextView.
<xi:include href="xml/gtkstyle.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkselection.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkfeatures.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtksignal.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtktypeutils.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtktesting.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/filesystem.xml" />
......@@ -275,7 +274,6 @@ that is, GUI components such as #GtkButton or #GtkTextView.
<xi:include href="xml/gtkfontbutton.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkfontsel.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkfontseldlg.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkinputdialog.xml" />
<chapter id="LayoutContainers">
......@@ -367,8 +365,6 @@ that is, GUI components such as #GtkButton or #GtkTextView.
<chapter id="SpecialObjects">
<title>Special-purpose features</title>
<xi:include href="xml/gtkcurve.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkgamma.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkruler.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkhruler.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/gtkvruler.xml" />
......@@ -481,7 +477,7 @@ that is, GUI components such as #GtkButton or #GtkTextView.
<xi:include href="xml/api-index-2.20.xml"><xi:fallback /></xi:include>
<index id="api-index-2-22" role="2.22">
<title>Index of new symbols in 2.20</title>
<title>Index of new symbols in 2.22</title>
<xi:include href="xml/api-index-2.22.xml"><xi:fallback /></xi:include>
<index id="api-index-3-0" role="3.0">
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