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Commit 3d9d002b authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson

When native window requests button presses request other button related events

We need to do this because otherwise the implicit button grab for this
(native) window will not deliver the button events not selected for
by this window. This is a problem because non-native child windows may
select using a wider event mask, and we can't emulate these events if we
don't get the native events.

Fixes bug #607508
parent 5469695f
......@@ -1215,8 +1215,15 @@ get_native_event_mask (GdkWindowObject *private)
* important thing, because in X only one client can do
* so, and we don't want to unexpectedly prevent another
* client from doing it.
* We also need to do the same if the app selects for button presses
* because then we will get implicit grabs for this window, and the
* event mask used for that grab is based on the rest of the mask
* for the window, but we might need more events than this window
* lists due to some non-native child window.
if (gdk_window_is_toplevel (private))
if (gdk_window_is_toplevel (private) ||
mask |=
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