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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.4.1
* Win32 fixes:
- Fix wintab support
- Fall back to Raleigh with th eclassic theme
* OS X fixes:
- Fix manual resizing of windows
* Bugs fixed:
672961 Custom theme can crash apps with GtkEntryCompletion
587441 Window expands horizontally rather than the text entry growing...
672133 conflict between srcdir != builddir and generated enum types
672358 Wayland and X11 backends simultaneously enabled is broken
672544 Anchored widgets inside GtkTextView are drawn out of place...
673090 gtk file-chooser: Autocompletion - Dropdown-list: selection fails
673125 windows draw as unfocused/backdrop on window managers that do...
673139 URL to mailing lists in README incorrect
673200 gactionmuxer: Fix list_actions
673328 After clicking empty parts of a toolbar/menubar the next mouse...
673440 shouldn't set GDK_SOURCE_TOUCHSCREEN based on the name
673441 GtkTreeView should not handle extra mouse buttons
673458 GdkEventButton contains wrong buttons in modifier mask...
673693 entrycompletion: set_property() should use property setter...
673882 application-window: try to use the desktop name in the fallback...
Deal more gracefully with a flood of scroll events
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.4.0
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