Commit 33a634be authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

calendar: Don't request drag data on every motion event

At least wait until we've received the previous one.
parent 565d8325
......@@ -2945,7 +2945,7 @@ gtk_calendar_drag_motion (GtkWidget *widget,
target = gtk_drag_dest_find_target (widget, context, NULL);
if (target == NULL || gdk_drag_context_get_suggested_action (context) == 0)
gdk_drag_status (context, 0, time);
else if (get_status_pending (context) == 0)
set_status_pending (context, gdk_drag_context_get_suggested_action (context));
gtk_drag_get_data (widget, context, target, time);
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