Commit 329683f7 authored by Timm Bäder's avatar Timm Bäder 🤔

snapshot: Don't create blur nodes with radius 0

parent f6f1dfb5
......@@ -346,12 +346,18 @@ gtk_snapshot_collect_blur (GtkSnapshot *snapshot,
const char *name)
GskRenderNode *node, *blur_node;
double radius;
node = gtk_snapshot_collect_default (snapshot, state, nodes, n_nodes, name);
if (node == NULL)
return NULL;
blur_node = gsk_blur_node_new (node, state->data.blur.radius);
radius = state->data.blur.radius;
if (radius == 0.0)
return node;
blur_node = gsk_blur_node_new (node, radius);
if (name)
gsk_render_node_set_name (blur_node, name);
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