Commit 32885605 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi 👣
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Fix build

Commit 023f406c has a typo that results
in this error:

../../../testsuite/gtk/notify.c: In function 'test_type':
../../../testsuite/gtk/notify.c:679:54: error: expected expression
before ')' token
    (g_str_equal (pspec->name, "max-content-width") ||)
parent d9a6517d
......@@ -676,8 +676,8 @@ test_type (gconstpointer data)
/* these depend on the min-content- properties in a way that breaks our test */
if (g_type_is_a (type, GTK_TYPE_SCROLLED_WINDOW) &&
(g_str_equal (pspec->name, "max-content-width") ||)
g_str_equal (pspec->name, "max-content-height"))
(g_str_equal (pspec->name, "max-content-width") ||
g_str_equal (pspec->name, "max-content-height")))
if (g_test_verbose ())
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