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ChangeLog: added Gtk+ testing utility development history.

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Tue Nov 20 15:19:42 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Moved Gdk test functions from Gtk+ to Gdk test utils.
* gdk/ added gdktestutils.h to public includes.
* gdk/gdk.h: added gdktestutils.h to public includes.
* gdk/gdk.symbols: added gdk_test_simulate_button, gdk_test_simulate_key,
* gdk/gdktestutils.h: new file, added prototypes for gdk_test_simulate_button,
gdk_test_simulate_key, gdk_test_render_sync.
* gdk/x11/ build gdktestutils-x11.c.
* gdk/x11/gdktestutils-x11.c: implemented gdk_test_simulate_button,
gdk_test_simulate_key, gdk_test_render_sync.
* gtk/gtktestutils.c:
* gtk/gtktestutils.h:
* gtk/gtk.symbols: removed gtk_test_simulate_button
gtk_test_simulate_key, gtk_test_xserver_render_sync.
* gtk/tests/testing.c: call gdk_test_render_sync.
Thu Nov 15 13:11:39 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Added unit tests for Gtk+ testing utilities.
* gtk/tests/testing.c: added a sample test program that tests Gtk+ test
utility functions. some g_test_* related portions are disabled and need
to be enabled once Gtk+ depends on a new glib with the GLib testing
framework integrated.
* gtk/tests/ new subdirectory to include quick Gtk+ tests.
added exemplary test rules to run tests inside Xvfb. this needs to depend
on gtester for full fledged testing.
* gtk/ build gtk+/gtk/tests, define -DGTK_ENABLE_BROKEN when
collecting _get_type functions to catch e.g. gtk_text_get_type().
* create gtk/tests/ and gtk/tests/Makefile.
Thu Nov 15 11:55:34 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Added Gtk+ testing utilities.
* gtk/gtktestutils.h, gtk/gtktestutils.c: added unit test utility functions.
for the most part, the functions herein involve navigating and interacting
with dialog elements programatically, to automate user interaction tests of
dialogs and widgets.
* gtk/gtk.h: include gtk/gtktestutils.h as public API.
* gtk/gtk.symbols: added gtk_test_* symbols.
* gtk/ include gtktestutils.h and gtktestutils.c into the build.
generate gtktypefuncs.c which contains a list of all _get_type functions in
Gtk+ and Gdk.
2007-11-20 Bastien Nocera <>
* add support for conditional icns gdk-pixbuf loader
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