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* *
* Author(s): Carlos Garnacho <> * Author(s): Carlos Garnacho <>
*/ */
* SECTION:gtkeventcontroller
* @Short_description: Self-contained handler of series of events
* @Title: GtkEventController
* @See_also: #GtkGesture
* #GtkEventController is a base, low-level implementation for event
* controllers. Those react to a series of events, and possibly trigger
* actions as a consequence of those.
* Most usually, event controllers are attached to a widget through
* gtk_widget_add_controller(). This ensures events received by the
* widget are delivered to the controller. On special situations,
* manual delivery may be desired, this can be achieved by setting
* the capture phase to %GTK_PHASE_NONE and feeding events manually
* through gtk_event_controller_handle_event(). See
* gtk_event_controller_set_propagation_phase() and #GtkPropagationPhase
* to know more about how events are delivered to event controllers.
#include "config.h" #include "config.h"
#include <gtk/gtkeventcontroller.h> #include <gtk/gtkeventcontroller.h>
#include "gtktypebuiltins.h" #include "gtktypebuiltins.h"
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