Commit 303cf53f authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

icontheme: Use rgba() when loading symbolic icons

This way, we correctly pass on translucency information. Note: This
currently requires librsvg master.
parent 0e6a9858
......@@ -4081,10 +4081,11 @@ static gchar *
gdk_rgba_to_css (const GdkRGBA *color)
/* drop alpha for now, since librsvg does not understand rgba() */
return g_strdup_printf ("rgb(%d,%d,%d)",
return g_strdup_printf ("rgba(%d,%d,%d,%g)",
(gint)(color->red * 255),
(gint)(color->green * 255),
(gint)(color->blue * 255));
(gint)(color->blue * 255),
static void
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