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Update news for 1.1.8.

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What is new in GTK+ 1.1.8:
* Added support for gettext and the localization of the standard
* Added line-wrapping for the label, and JUSTIFY_FILL
* Support reordering via drag and drop in CList and CTree.
* Replaced GtkDrawWindow widget with a GTK_USER_DRAW flag
* Extended gtkpaned API to support minimum sizes and proportional
* Changed the handling of shared memory segments so as to
remove the need for GTK+ to set up signal handlers.
* Re-implemented event loop in terms of the event loop
that has been added to GLib 1.1.8
* Added 'grab_focus' signal to allow keyboard accelerators
for entries.
* Load locale specific RC files if present.
* Bug fixes.
What is new in GTK+ 1.1.7:
* Fixed memory mis-allocation in default files code
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