Commit 2bf87de4 authored by Tor Lillqvist's avatar Tor Lillqvist
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Actually use glib-genmarshal.

parent 3173b2d7
......@@ -376,12 +376,11 @@ gtktypebuiltins_ids.c: gtk.defs maketypes.awk
gtktypebuiltins_evals.c: gtk.defs
$(PERL) arrays $(gtk_public_h_sources) $(gdk_headers) >gtktypebuiltins_evals.c
gtkmarshal.h gtkmarshal.c : gtkmarshal.list
$(PERL) gtkmarshal.list s-gmh s-gmc
del gtkmarshal.c
rename s-gmc gtkmarshal.c
del gtkmarshal.h
rename s-gmh gtkmarshal.h
gtkmarshal.h : gtkmarshal.list
glib-genmarshal --prefix=gtk_marshal gtkmarshal.list --header >gtkmarshal.h
gtkmarshal.c : gtkmarshal.list
glib-genmarshal --prefix=gtk_marshal gtkmarshal.list --body >gtkmarshal.c
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