Commit 2bd221d2 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

Bug 637910 - GtkSpinner - does not animate

Fix widget-to-window coordinates translation in the
style context animation code.
parent 7f099a9a
......@@ -3043,8 +3043,12 @@ _gtk_style_context_coalesce_animation_areas (GtkStyleContext *context,
cairo_rectangle_int_t *rect;
rect = &g_array_index (info->rectangles, cairo_rectangle_int_t, i);
rect->x += rel_x;
rect->y += rel_y;
/* These are widget relative coordinates,
* so have them inverted to be window relative
rect->x -= rel_x;
rect->y -= rel_y;
cairo_region_union_rectangle (info->invalidation_region, rect);
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