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Improve docs

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2008-07-11 Matthias Clasen <>
Bug 537430 – label pango attributes & i18n
* gtk/tmpl/gtklabel.sgml: Improve docs for Pango attributes in
builder xml. Pointed out by Christian Persch
2008-07-10 Stefan Kost <>
Bug 540967 – docs build slowly because of entities
......@@ -17,18 +17,25 @@ implies, most labels are used to label another widget such as a
The GtkLabel implementation of the GtkBuildable interface supports a
custom &lt;attributes&gt; element, which supports any number of &lt;attribute&gt;
elements. the &lt;attribute&gt; element has attributes named name, value,
start and end and allows you to specify #PangoAttributs for this label.
start and end and allows you to specify #PangoAttribute values for this label.
<title>A UI definition fragment specifying pango attributes</title>
<title>A UI definition fragment specifying Pango attributes</title>
<object class="GtkLabel">
<attribute name=\"weight\" value=\"PANGO_WEIGHT_BOLD\"/>
<attribute name="weight" value="PANGO_WEIGHT_BOLD"/>
<attribute name="background" value="red" start="5" end="10"/>"
The start and end attributes specify the range of characters to which the
Pango attribute applies. If start and end are not specified, the attribute is
applied to the whole text. Note that specifying ranges does not make much
sense with translatable attributes. Use markup embedded in the translatable
content instead.
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