Commit 2720574a authored by Rui Matos's avatar Rui Matos

gtkwindow: Clean up gtk_window_map()

Remove unneeded variable and delete trailing whitespace.
parent 34357481
......@@ -4713,14 +4713,11 @@ gtk_window_map (GtkWidget *widget)
GtkWidget *child;
GtkWindow *window = GTK_WINDOW (widget);
GtkWindowPrivate *priv = window->priv;
GdkWindow *toplevel;
GdkWindow *gdk_window;
gboolean auto_mnemonics;
GtkPolicyType visible_focus;
gdk_window = gtk_widget_get_window (widget);
if (!gtk_widget_is_toplevel (GTK_WIDGET (widget)))
if (!gtk_widget_is_toplevel (widget))
GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_window_parent_class)->map (widget);
......@@ -4734,31 +4731,31 @@ gtk_window_map (GtkWidget *widget)
!gtk_widget_get_mapped (child))
gtk_widget_map (child);
toplevel = gdk_window;
gdk_window = gtk_widget_get_window (widget);
if (priv->maximize_initially)
gdk_window_maximize (toplevel);
gdk_window_maximize (gdk_window);
gdk_window_unmaximize (toplevel);
gdk_window_unmaximize (gdk_window);
if (priv->stick_initially)
gdk_window_stick (toplevel);
gdk_window_stick (gdk_window);
gdk_window_unstick (toplevel);
gdk_window_unstick (gdk_window);
if (priv->iconify_initially)
gdk_window_iconify (toplevel);
gdk_window_iconify (gdk_window);
gdk_window_deiconify (toplevel);
gdk_window_deiconify (gdk_window);
if (priv->fullscreen_initially)
gdk_window_fullscreen (toplevel);
gdk_window_fullscreen (gdk_window);
gdk_window_unfullscreen (toplevel);
gdk_window_set_keep_above (toplevel, priv->above_initially);
gdk_window_unfullscreen (gdk_window);
gdk_window_set_keep_above (gdk_window, priv->above_initially);
gdk_window_set_keep_below (toplevel, priv->below_initially);
gdk_window_set_keep_below (gdk_window, priv->below_initially);
if (priv->type == GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
gtk_window_set_theme_variant (window);
......@@ -4766,7 +4763,7 @@ gtk_window_map (GtkWidget *widget)
/* No longer use the default settings */
priv->need_default_size = FALSE;
priv->need_default_position = FALSE;
if (priv->reset_type_hint)
/* We should only reset the type hint when the application
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