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Move documentation to inline comments: GtkStock
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......@@ -34,6 +34,31 @@
#include <gdk/gdkkeysyms.h>
#include "gtkalias.h"
* SECTION:gtkstock
* @Short_description:
Prebuilt common menu/toolbar items and corresponding icons
* @Title: Stock Items
* Stock items represent commonly-used menu or toolbar items such as
* "Open" or "Exit". Each stock item is identified by a stock ID;
* stock IDs are just strings, but macros such as #GTK_STOCK_OPEN are
* provided to avoid typing mistakes in the strings.
* Applications can register their own stock items in addition to those
* built-in to GTK+.
* Each stock ID can be associated with a #GtkStockItem, which contains
* the user-visible label, keyboard accelerator, and translation domain
* of the menu or toolbar item; and/or with an icon stored in a
* #GtkIconFactory. See <link
* linkend="gtk-Themeable-Stock-Images">GtkIconFactory</link> for
* more information on stock icons. The connection between a
* #GtkStockItem and stock icons is purely conventional (by virtue of
* using the same stock ID); it's possible to register a stock item but
* no icon, and vice versa. Stock icons may have a RTL variant which gets
* used for right-to-left locales.
static GHashTable *translate_hash = NULL;
static GHashTable *stock_hash = NULL;
static void init_stock_hash (void);
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