Commit 1d9c581f authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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ngl: Allow passing bounds to update_clip

update_clip only uses the bounds of the node that
we are currently passing. This opens the door to
updating the clip while handling a single node.
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......@@ -818,9 +818,9 @@ interval_contains (float p1, float w1,
static inline gboolean
gsk_ngl_render_job_update_clip (GskNglRenderJob *job,
const GskRenderNode *node,
gboolean *pushed_clip)
gsk_ngl_render_job_update_clip (GskNglRenderJob *job,
const graphene_rect_t *bounds,
gboolean *pushed_clip)
graphene_rect_t transformed_bounds;
gboolean no_clip = FALSE;
......@@ -834,7 +834,7 @@ gsk_ngl_render_job_update_clip (GskNglRenderJob *job,
return TRUE;
gsk_ngl_render_job_transform_bounds (job, &node->bounds, &transformed_bounds);
gsk_ngl_render_job_transform_bounds (job, bounds, &transformed_bounds);
if (!rect_intersects (&job->current_clip->rect.bounds, &transformed_bounds))
......@@ -3429,7 +3429,7 @@ gsk_ngl_render_job_visit_node (GskNglRenderJob *job,
if (node_is_invisible (node))
if (!gsk_ngl_render_job_update_clip (job, node, &has_clip))
if (!gsk_ngl_render_job_update_clip (job, &node->bounds, &has_clip))
switch (gsk_render_node_get_node_type (node))
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