Commit 1bfbfbc5 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

GtkTreeView: Use GtkEntry private function to remove hack
parent ffbe7f6e
......@@ -11080,8 +11080,7 @@ gtk_tree_view_real_start_interactive_search (GtkTreeView *tree_view,
GList *list;
gboolean found_focus = FALSE;
GtkWidgetClass *entry_parent_class;
if (!tree_view->priv->enable_search && !keybinding)
return FALSE;
......@@ -11139,11 +11138,8 @@ gtk_tree_view_real_start_interactive_search (GtkTreeView *tree_view,
(GSourceFunc) gtk_tree_view_search_entry_flush_timeout,
/* Grab focus will select all the text. We don't want that to happen, so we
* call the parent instance and bypass the selection change. This is probably
* really non-kosher. */
entry_parent_class = g_type_class_peek_parent (GTK_ENTRY_GET_CLASS (tree_view->priv->search_entry));
(entry_parent_class->grab_focus) (tree_view->priv->search_entry);
/* Grab focus without selecting all the text. */
_gtk_entry_grab_focus (GTK_ENTRY (tree_view->priv->search_entry), FALSE);
/* send focus-in event */
send_focus_change (tree_view->priv->search_entry, device, TRUE);
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