Commit 17a1f4ab authored by John Lindgren's avatar John Lindgren Committed by Matthias Clasen

Populate GtkPlacesSidebar at initialization

Previously, the "Places" sidebar was populated by the update_places()
call from within gtk_places_sidebar_style_set(). After
742a2f11, update_places() is never called
and the sidebar is never populated unless gtk_places_sidebar_add_shortcut()
happens to be called. This commit fixes this by calling update_places()
at the end of gtk_places_sidebar_init().
parent e86f979e
......@@ -3839,6 +3839,9 @@ gtk_places_sidebar_init (GtkPlacesSidebar *sidebar)
sidebar->drop_state = DROP_STATE_NORMAL;
sidebar->new_bookmark_index = -1;
/* populate the sidebar */
update_places (sidebar);
static void
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