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Overview of Changes in 4.0.2
* GtkAboutDialog:
- Set icon size for the logo
- Fix initial focus to be the same as in GTK 3
* GtkImage:
- Update icons on scale change
* Wayland: Fix crashes with touch and tablet events
* Windows:
- Fix surface and geometry computation
- Remove layered window usage
* MacOS: Support stylus devices
* Themes:
- Adwaita: Remove edge highlights
- Adwaita: Update image assets
- Make Adwaita-dark available as standalone theme
- Make HighContrastInverse the dark variant of HighContrast
* Docs:
- Complete GtkAspectFrame docs
- Clarify migration docs for widget signals
* Inspector:
- Fix a critical with the recorder
- Fix a crash with treeviews
- Show overlay layout properties
- Add a legend for the layout overlay
* Build:
- Fix build with gcc 11
- Support building without sassc
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes in 4.0.1
project('gtk', 'c',
version: '4.0.1',
version: '4.0.2',
default_options: [
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