Commit 1263fdbd authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

combobox: always give the full allocation to the button in menu mode

The button is what draws the background/frame outline of the combobox,
and padding is defined as the spacing *inside* the widget between the
border and the content.
parent 6116bcb7
......@@ -2418,14 +2418,14 @@ gtk_combo_box_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget,
gint width;
guint border_width;
gtk_widget_size_allocate (priv->button, allocation);
/* menu mode */
allocation->x += padding.left;
allocation->y +=;
allocation->width -= padding.left + padding.right;
allocation->height -= + padding.bottom;
gtk_widget_size_allocate (priv->button, allocation);
/* set some things ready */
border_width = gtk_container_get_border_width (GTK_CONTAINER (priv->button));
get_widget_padding (priv->button, &button_padding);
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