Commit 11faf1c6 authored by Christian Dywan's avatar Christian Dywan

Improve documentation of "gtk-button-images" setting

svn path=/trunk/; revision=21123
parent f4a59dee
2008-08-15 Christian Dywan <>
Bug 547775 – Documentation of gtk-button-images is not correct
* gtk/gtkbutton.c (gtk_button_class_init): Improve documentation
of "gtk-button-images" setting
2008-08-13 Matthias Clasen <>
Bug 547673 – Accessors for GtkFileSelection.font_entry and
......@@ -481,15 +481,15 @@ gtk_button_class_init (GtkButtonClass *klass)
* GtkButton::gtk-button-images:
* GtkSettings::gtk-button-images:
* If stock icon in buttons should be shown at all.
* Whether images should be shown on buttons
* Since: 2.4
gtk_settings_install_property (g_param_spec_boolean ("gtk-button-images",
P_("Show button images"),
P_("Whether stock icons should be shown in buttons"),
P_("Whether images should be shown on buttons"),
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