Commit 0f1a8bfe authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson Committed by Emmanuele Bassi

gsk: Fix hidpi scaling

We store the vertices in (unscaled) window coords (but the item size
is still scaled to match the texture size). Also, the
projection/model-view multiplication order is switched so that the scale
is applied at the right place.
parent f7833013
......@@ -364,7 +364,7 @@ gsk_gl_renderer_update_frustum (GskGLRenderer *self,
GSK_NOTE (TRANSFORMS, g_print ("Updating the modelview/projection\n"));
graphene_matrix_multiply (projection, modelview, &self->mvp);
graphene_matrix_multiply (modelview, projection, &self->mvp);
graphene_frustum_init_from_matrix (&self->frustum, &self->mvp);
......@@ -632,12 +632,12 @@ gsk_gl_renderer_add_render_item (GskGLRenderer *self,
/* Each render item is an axis-aligned bounding box that we
* transform using the given transformation matrix
item.min.x = bounds.origin.x * scale_factor;
item.min.y = bounds.origin.y * scale_factor;
item.min.x = bounds.origin.x;
item.min.y = bounds.origin.y;
item.min.z = 0.f;
item.max.x = item.min.x + item.size.width;
item.max.y = item.min.y + item.size.height;
item.max.x = item.min.x + bounds.size.width;
item.max.y = item.min.y + bounds.size.height;
item.max.z = 0.f;
/* The location of the item, in normalized world coordinates */
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