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gdk: always populate GDK_AXIS_{X,Y} in merged event history

Since GdkTimeCoord stores only axis values, prior to this change,
if a device didn't report GDK_AXIS_X or GDK_AXIS_Y, the history
attached to merged motion events wouldn't contain any positional

Commit 60122760 already addressed
this issue for devices without tools by storing the event position
in GdkTimeCoord using GDK_AXIS_X and GDK_AXIS_Y and augmenting the
GdkTimeCoord's axis bitmask accordingly.

This change generalizes that workaround to all devices. Note that
if a device DOES report values for GDK_AXIS_X and GDK_AXIS_Y, those
values won't be overwritten.

Closes #4809
parent 21cba193
......@@ -757,15 +757,21 @@ gdk_motion_event_push_history (GdkEvent *event,
memset (&hist, 0, sizeof (GdkTimeCoord));
hist.time = gdk_event_get_time (history_event);
if (tool)
hist.flags = gdk_device_tool_get_axes (tool);
for (i = GDK_AXIS_X; i < GDK_AXIS_LAST; i++)
gdk_event_get_axis (history_event, i, &hist.axes[i]);
/* GdkTimeCoord has no dedicated fields to record event position. For plain
* pointer events, and for tools which don't report GDK_AXIS_X/GDK_AXIS_Y
* on their own, we surface the position using the X and Y input axes.
if (!(hist.flags & GDK_AXIS_FLAG_X) || !(hist.flags & GDK_AXIS_FLAG_Y))
hist.flags |= GDK_AXIS_FLAG_X | GDK_AXIS_FLAG_Y;
gdk_event_get_position (history_event, &hist.axes[GDK_AXIS_X], &hist.axes[GDK_AXIS_Y]);
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