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docs: Start defining the owners of code sections

When filing a new merge request it's often hard to know who to ask for a
review; using the Git log doesn't always help — the person that touched
a file last may just be fixing the build or a compiler warning.

The `CODE-OWNERS` file format is something that GitHub uses in order to
pre-fill the list of reviewers:

Ideally, in the future, we'll be able to use this file with a bot like
homu to automatically go through newly filed merge requests and
automatically ask the relevant people for reviews, instead of doing this
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......@@ -60,4 +60,6 @@ $ git checkout -b your-branch
Once you've finished working on the bug fix or feature, push the branch
to the Git repository and open a new merge request, to let the GTK
maintainers review your contribution.
maintainers review your contribution. The [CODE-OWNERS](./docs-CODE-OWNERS)
document contains the list of core contributors to GTK and the areas for
which they are responsible.
# These are the people responsible for subsystems in GTK; if you're opening
# a merge request for files listed here, please add the following people to
# the list of reviewers
# The syntax of this file is similar to the GitHub CODEOWNERS file:
# Which, in turn, is similar to the .gitignore and .gitattributes files:
# - comments start with `#`
# - the first column contains paths and globs
# - the second column contains GitLab user names or email addresses,
# separated by spaces
# If you want to be responsible for code reviews in specific sections of
# the GTK code base, add yourself here.
# Maintainer
* @matthiasc
# Build system @ebassi @nirbheek
*.py @ebassi
gtk/gtkcss*.[ch] @otte @baedert
gtk/gtkstyle*.[ch] @otte @baedert
# Gestures
gtk/gtkeventcontroller* @carlosg
gtk/gtkgesture*.[ch] @carlosg
# GtkFileChooser
gtk/gtkfilechooser* @federico
gtk/gtkfilesystem* @federico
gtk/gtkfilefilter* @federico
# GtkFontChooser
gtk/gtkfontchooser* @matthiasc
# Input methods
gtk/gtkimcontext* @carlosg
# Media
gtk/gtkmedia* @otte
gsk @otte @baedert @ebassi
# GL rendering
gsk/gl @baedert @ebassi
# Vulkan rendering
# Documentation
docs/ @ebassi @dboles
# Wayland
gdk/wayland @jadahl
# X11
gdk/x11 @ofourdan @matthiasc
# Themes
gtk/themes @lapoc @jimmac
# Inspector
gtk/inspector @otte @matthiasc
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