Commit 0a3b3708 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Remove some comments that refer to no longer
existing menu code.
parent d1d9b92a
......@@ -2398,8 +2398,6 @@ gtk_widget_unparent (GtkWidget *widget)
if (priv->parent == NULL)
/* keep this function in sync with gtk_menu_detach() */
gtk_widget_push_verify_invariants (widget);
g_object_freeze_notify (G_OBJECT (widget));
......@@ -5670,9 +5668,6 @@ gtk_widget_reposition_after (GtkWidget *widget,
data.old_scale_factor = gtk_widget_get_scale_factor (widget);
/* keep this function in sync with gtk_menu_attach_to_widget()
if (priv->parent == NULL)
g_object_ref_sink (widget);
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