Commit 0128b8d3 authored by Daniel Boles's avatar Daniel Boles
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TextView—Fix inverted movements by arrows in RTL

Using Ctrl + left/right to skip between words, or left/right to cancel a
selection, were causing movement on the screen in the opposite direction
of the glyph on the key. This was surprising and awful UX for RTL users.

This is based on a patch covering the former case by:
Author:    Mehdi Sadeghi <>
Date:      Sat Feb 18 02:16:00 2017 +0000
parent c4fbce52
......@@ -6343,6 +6343,17 @@ move_cursor (GtkTextView *text_view,
gtk_text_view_check_cursor_blink (text_view);
static gboolean
iter_line_is_rtl (GtkTextIter *iter, GtkTextLayout *layout)
GtkTextLine *line = _gtk_text_iter_get_text_line (iter);
GtkTextLineDisplay *display = gtk_text_layout_get_line_display (layout, line, FALSE);
const gchar *text = pango_layout_get_text (display->layout);
PangoDirection pango_dir = pango_find_base_dir (text, -1);
return pango_dir == PANGO_DIRECTION_RTL;
static void
gtk_text_view_move_cursor (GtkTextView *text_view,
GtkMovementStep step,
......@@ -6437,15 +6448,19 @@ gtk_text_view_move_cursor (GtkTextView *text_view,
if (! extend_selection)
gboolean move_forward = count > 0;
GtkTextIter sel_bound;
gtk_text_buffer_get_iter_at_mark (get_buffer (text_view), &sel_bound,
gtk_text_buffer_get_selection_bound (get_buffer (text_view)));
if (iter_line_is_rtl (&insert, priv->layout))
move_forward = !move_forward;
/* if we move forward, assume the cursor is at the end of the selection;
* if we move backward, assume the cursor is at the start
if (count > 0)
if (move_forward)
gtk_text_iter_order (&sel_bound, &insert);
gtk_text_iter_order (&insert, &sel_bound);
......@@ -6477,6 +6492,9 @@ gtk_text_view_move_cursor (GtkTextView *text_view,
if (iter_line_is_rtl (&newplace, priv->layout))
count *= -1;
if (count < 0)
gtk_text_iter_backward_visible_word_starts (&newplace, -count);
else if (count > 0)
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