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    Remove pointless inout arguments · 153c6424
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    GtkTreeView.get_tooltip_context() takes an inout X and Y coordinates,
    but the "out" side is a side effect: the conversion from widget-relative
    to bin window-relative coordinates is not documented, and can be done
    using public API, if needed.
    GtkIconView.get_tooltip_context() follows the same pattern, and takes
    two inout arguments for the coordinates, but it does not change them any
    more, after GtkIconView's bin window was dropped in commit 8dc5e13e.
    There's really no point in having these `inout` arguments, and while
    GtkTreeView and GtkIconView are certainly de-emphasised in GTK4, and we
    nudge developers to move to the new list views, we should take advantage
    of the API break to remove warts.