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    Merge in Win32 version: Define macro GDKVAR for declaring gdk variables · 0b4d29fd
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    * gdk/gdktypes.h: Merge in Win32 version: Define macro GDKVAR for
    declaring gdk variables exported/imported from the DLL. New image
    type enum, GDK_IMAGE_SHARED_PIXMAP, for gdk_imlib. New drag and
    drop protocol enums, GDK_DRAG_PROTO_WIN32_DROPFILES and
    * gdk/gdk.h: Merge in Win32 version: Two new functions,
    gdk_pixmap_create_on_shared_image and gdk_image_bitmap_new. So far
    declared only for the Win32 version, but could be in the X11
    version as well. (Needed for a Xlib-less gdk_imlib.)
    gdk_color_hash should have only one parameter. Declare
    gdk_threads_mutex with GDKVAR.
    * gdk/gdkcolor.c (gdk_color_hash): As a hash function should have
    just one parameter.
    * gdk/gdkimage.c (gdk_image_get): Initialize bpp correctly. Bytes
    per pixel, not bits.
    * gdk/gdkrgb.c: Mingle includes somewhat. (gdk_rgb_select_conv):
    Fetch bpp (which means bits-per-pixel here) from another place on
    Win32. Accept also depth==32 (which we might get on Win32) with
    * gtk/{gtkclist,gtkctree,gtkdnd,gtkditable,gtkfontsel,
    Include gdx.h from "gdkx.h", not "gdk/gdkx.h", as gdkx.h will be
    in the backend-dependent directory, not in the common gdk
    * gtk/testgtk.c: Ditto. Also, don't use ../gdk patchs to gdk
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