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    Restructure the GdkEvent type hierarchy · f28aa1ba
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    GdkEvent has been a "I-can't-believe-this-is-not-OOP" type for ages,
    using a union of sub-types. This has always been problematic when it
    comes to implementing accessor functions: either you get generic API
    that takes a GdkEvent and uses a massive switch() to determine which
    event types have the data you're looking for; or you create namespaced
    accessors, but break language bindings horribly, as boxed types cannot
    have derived types.
    The recent conversion of GskRenderNode (which had similar issues) to
    GTypeInstance, and the fact that GdkEvent is now a completely opaque
    type, provide us with the chance of moving GdkEvent to GTypeInstance,
    and have sub-types for GdkEvent.
    The change from boxed type to GTypeInstance is pretty small, all things
    considered, but ends up cascading to a larger commit, as we still have
    backends and code in GTK trying to access GdkEvent structures directly.
    Additionally, the naming of the public getter functions requires
    renaming all the da...