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    Changes to make cross-process merging feasible: · d381967d
    Matthias Clasen authored
    2003-09-21  Matthias Clasen  <maclas@gmx.de>
    	Changes to make cross-process merging feasible:
    	* gtk/gtkuimanager.[hc]: Add a readonly "ui" property which holds the
    	merged UI definition. Remove the "changed" signal, since its role
    	is now filled by "notify::ui". Instead add a "actions-changed" signal
    	which gets emitted when the set of actions changes.
    	* gtk/gtktoggleactionprivate.h:
    	* gtk/gtktoggleaction.[hc] (gtk_toggle_action_[sg]et_draw_as_radio):
    	Add a "draw_as_radio" property to toggle actions so that they can be
    	used as proxies for radio actions much like the "draw_as_radio"
    	property on check menu items enables them to operate as proxies for
    	radio actions.
    	Prevent the "show_all" trap for action-based menus (see
    	* gtk/gtkmenu.c (gtk_menu_{hide,show}_all): Remove g_return_if_fail()
    	calls from static functions.
    	* gtk/gtkuimanager.c (update_node):
    	* gtk/gtkaction.c (connect_proxy): Set "no_show_all" on constructed
    	widgets whose visibility is externally controlled.
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.[hc] (gtk_widget_[gs]et_no_show_all): Add a boolean
    	"no_show_all" property with setter and getter. When TRUE, it keeps
    	gtk_widget_{hide,show}_all() from modifying the visibility of the
    	widget and its children.
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