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    added gtkaccelmap.sgml. other updates. · d07573c0
    Tim Janik authored
    Mon Nov 12 23:06:38 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * added gtkaccelmap.sgml. other updates.
    Mon Nov 12 23:08:37 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/maketypes.awk: fix type utils generation on unix.
    	* gtk/gtkaccelmap.[hc]: new files, implementing a global accelerator
    	* gtk/gtkaccelgroup.[hc]: major API/implementation revamp:
    	removed GTK_ACCEL_SIGNAL_VISIBLE, gtk_accel_group_get_default,
    	gtk_accel_group_get_entry, gtk_accel_group_(un)lock_entry,
    	gtk_accel_group_add/remove, gtk_accel_group_handle_add/remove,
    	gtk_accel_group_create_add/remove, gtk_accel_group_entries_from_object.
    	introduced ::accel_changed signal for change notification, and
    	gtk_accel_group_connect/disconnect to connect closures to accel groups.
    	made gtk_accel_group_attach/detach and gtk_accel_group_activate private
    	deprecated gtk_accel_group_ref/unref.
    	* gtk/gtkaccellabel.[hc]: changes to make accellabels pay attention
    	to accel group changed notification and basically operate on closures.
    	removed gtk_accel_label_get_accel_object and
    	introduced gtk_accel_label_set_accel_closure, and for convenience,
    	* gtk/gtkitemfactory.[hc]: removed accelerator propagation code
    	which mostly moved into gtkaccelmap.[hc].
    	removed gtk_item_factory_parse_rc*, gtk_item_factory_dump_*
    	and gtk_item_factory_print_func.
    	* gtk/gtkmain.c: call _gtk_accel_map_init().
    	* gtk/gtkmenuitem.[hc]: introduced gtk_menu_item_set_accel_path(),
    	that associates an accelerator path with menu items, through which
    	persistent accelerator settings on menu items are enabled.
    	* gtk/gtkmenu.[hc]: added gtk_menu_set_accel_path() so accelerator
    	paths of menu item can be default constructed to allow installation
    	of accelerators on menu items that don't come with an accelerator
    	binding by default.
    	* gtk/gtksettings.c: fix STRING type rc settings by special casing
    	them appropriately in the parser.
    	* gtk/gtksignal.[hc]: allow a class function offset of 0 for
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.[hc]: accelerator API revamp.
    	removed ::accelerator_add/remove signals, gtk_widget_accelerator_signal,
    	gtk_widget_accelerators_locked, gtk_widget_remove_accelerators and
    	accelerators maintained through gtk_widget_add/remove_accelerator()
    	are not runtime changable now, the correct sequence to setup a
    	widget for runtime changable accelerators is now:
    	  gtk_accel_map_add_entry(accel_path, key, mods);
    	  _gtk_widget_set_accel_path(widget, accel_path, accel_group);
    	* gtk/gtkwindow.[hc]: accelerator changes, proxy and coalesce accel
    	group changes (as well as mnemonic changes) through the new signal
    Sat Nov 10 12:08:56 2001  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtksettings.c (_gtk_settings_parse_convert): properly handle
    	GString->string conversions.
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