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    a11y: Use a DOM-like API for iterating accessible objects · bc48bfc2
    Lukáš Tyrychtr authored and Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi committed
    The `get_child_at_index()` API model comes from AT-SPI, and it's not an
    efficient design, especially when coupled with large widgets.
    Replace `get_child_at_index()` with `get_first_accessible_child()` and
    That allows efficiently retrieving all the children, simplifies the
    implementation of GtkAccessible in GtkWidget and closely resembeles the
    GtkWidget API.
    Getting the last child and previous sibling for iterating backwards is
    not a part of the interface at the moment, but they can be added at a
    later date.
    Note that this change required tracking the next stack page in