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    Havoc Pennington authored
    2001-03-23  Havoc Pennington  <hp@redhat.com>
    	* gtk/testgtk.c: fix warnings
    	* gtk/gtktoolbar.c (gtk_toolbar_insert_element): fix return value
    	* gtk/gtktextview.c: fix warnings
    	* gtk/gtktext.c (find_cursor_at_line): fix warning
    	* gtk/gtkselection.c (gtk_selection_notify): fix warning
    	* gtk/gtkitemfactory.c (gtk_item_factory_menu_pos): fix signature
    	of this function
    	* gtk/gtkimmulticontext.c (gtk_im_multicontext_append_menuitems):
    	fix warning
    	* gtk/gtkhandlebox.c (gtk_handle_box_style_set): fix warning
    	* gtk/gtkfontsel.c: fix warning
    	* gtk/gtkcolorsel.c: fix warnings
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