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    Fix #139290: · b3fbcef8
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    2004-07-08  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
    	Fix #139290:
    	* gtk/gtkfilesystemmodel.c (_gtk_file_system_model_new): Add a
    	GError argument.  Do check for errors when getting the
    	GtkFileFolder:  get the folder and read the children before
    	actually creating the model.  Removed obsolete code that handled
    	roots-changed on the file system.
    	(file_model_node_get_info): Assert that we don't reach the old
    	case to display file system roots.
    	(roots_changed_callback): Removed.
    	* gtk/gtkfilechooserdefault.c (set_list_model): Add a GError
    	argument, and a boolean return value.  Return an error if we
    	cannot create the file system model.  On error, set a NULL model
    	on the tree.
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_set_current_folder): Use the error value
    	from set_list_model().
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_set_property): Set the show_hidden
    	property only if the browse_files_model exists.
    	(gtk_file_chooser_default_unselect_path): Only operate if the
    	browse_files_model exists.
    	(check_preview_change): Check whether we have the sort_model.
    	(change_folder_and_display_error): Copy the path we get passed
    	before using it.  There's a comment in there that explains why we
    	need to copy it; basically, if the passed path belongs to the
    	model, the model may go away in the middle of this function and
    	we'll be left with a dangling pointer.
    	(install_list_model_filter): Assert that the model is not NULL.
    	(set_current_filter): Check whether the model exists.
    	* gtk/gtktreeselection.c (gtk_tree_selection_get_selected): Don't
    	g_return_if_fail if the model is NULL.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_get_selected_rows): Likewise.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_count_selected_rows): Likewise.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_selected_foreach): Likewise.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_path_is_selected): Likewise; rather just
    	return FALSE.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_select_all): Likewise.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_unselect_all): Likewise.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_select_range): Do g_return_if_fail() if the
    	model is NULL.
    	(gtk_tree_selection_unselect_range): Likewise.
    	* gtk/gtkfilesystemunix.c (fill_in_names): Return immediately if
    	g_dir_open() fails:  there is no need to set the error ourselves,
    	as g_dir_open() already does it.