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    - A number of types in GDK have become subclasses of GObject. For the · a626ad31
    Havoc Pennington authored
      most part, this should not break anyone's code. However, it's now
        possible/encouraged to use g_object_ref()/g_object_unref() and other
          GObject features with these GDK types. The converted types are:
            GdkWindow, GdkDrawable, GdkPixmap, GdkImage, GdkGC, GdkDragContext,
    	  - All drawables including pixmaps used to have a type tag, the
    	    GdkWindowType enumeration, which included GDK_WINDOW_PIXMAP.
    	      GdkWindowType is now a property of GdkWindow _only_, and there is
    	        no GDK_WINDOW_PIXMAP. You can use the GDK_IS_PIXMAP() macro
    to see
      if you have a pixmap, if you need to know that.
      - GtkStyle and GtkRcStyle are now subclasses of GObject as well.
        This breaks theme engines quite badly, but shouldn't affect most
          other code.
          - xthickness/ythickness have moved from GtkStyleClass to GtkStyle
            (from class to instance). This gives themes a bit more flexibility
    	  and is generally more of the Right Thing. You can trivially fix
    	    your code with s/style->klass->xthickness/style->xthickness/g and
    	      same for ythickness.
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