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    new functions gtk_selection_data_copy and gtk_selection_data_free. · a21d063e
    Tim Janik authored
    Tue Jun  9 01:57:23 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtk/gtkselection.h:
            * gtk/gtkselection.c: new functions gtk_selection_data_copy and
            * gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_class_init): fixed gtk_signal_new() call
            for "selection_received", which was completely bogus.
            * other fixups to gtk_signal_new() calls all over the place.
            * gtk/gtktypebuiltins.h: types as variables (formerly macros).
            * gtk/gtktypebuiltins_vars.c: type variable implementations.
            * gtk/gtktypebuiltins_ids.c: array entries for builtin type
            * gtk/gtktypebuiltins_evals.c: enum value arrays.
            * gtk/gtk-boxed.defs: gtk and gdk structure definitions, used to build
            * gtk/gtk.defs: generated file with scheme syntax for type definitions
            of gtk and gdk structures and enums.
            * gtk/gtktypeutils.h:
            * gtk/gtktypeutils.c: reworked type ids, so they are variables not
            macros anymore (this fixes binary incompatibility with new enum
            * gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_real_key_press_event): proccess possible
            key bindings for this widget.
            * gtk/gtkwindow.c (gtk_window_key_press_event): chain parent class'
            * gtk/gtkobject.h:
            * gtk/gtkobject.c: removed gtk_object_class_new_user_signal_no_recurse()
            again. new functions gtk_object_class_user_signal_new () and
            gtk_object_class_user_signal_newv (), to feature the GtkSignalRunType
            flag on the signal creation.
    Mon Jun  8 20:52:21 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtk/gtkcontainer.h: new signal GtkContainer::set_focus_child.
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