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    Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL when unrealize-ing a GtkPaned. · 0081a96c
    Reuben Green authored
    This commit fixes a bug (issue #2066) caused by gdk_window_set_cursor being called with a NULL pointer as its first argument during the
    unrealize-ing of a GtkPaned, resulting in a Gtk-CRITICAL. The change ensures that, even if the function gtk_paned_state_flags_changed
    is called on a GtkPaned while it is part way through being unrealized (as can happen, for example, if a descendant of the GtkPaned calls
    gtk_clipboard_store when it is unrealize-d, see the issue report for a test case), the function gdk_window_set_cursor is not called on
    the GtkPaned's priv->handle member if this pointer is NULL.
    Closes #2066
    Fixes #2066
    Closes: #2066