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    Support vertical menubars (#166632): · 812e0cfd
    Matthias Clasen authored
    2005-02-11  Matthias Clasen  <mclasen@redhat.com>
    	Support vertical menubars  (#166632):
    	* gtk/gtkenums.h (GtkPackDirection): New enumeration for pack
    	directions, with values for left-to-right, right-to-left,
    	top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top.
    	* gtk/gtk.symbols:
    	* gtk/gtkmenubar.h:
    	* gtk/gtkmenubar.c: Add two properties, pack-direction and
    	child-pack-direction, which specify how children and
    	grandchildren of a menubar are packed, with getters and setters.
    	* gtk/gtkmenubar.c (gtk_menu_bar_set_property):
    	(gtk_menu_bar_get_property): Implement set_property and get_property.
    	* gtk/gtkmenubar.c (gtk_menu_bar_size_request):
    	(gtk_menu_bar_size_allocate): Take pack direction into account.
    	* gtk/gtkmenubar.c (gtk_menu_bar_move_current): Implement
    	move_current here move all the menubar-specific direction
    	tweaking from the generic menushell implementation here.
    	* gtk/gtkmenu.c (gtk_menu_move_current): Move  menu-specific
    	direction tweaking from the generic ...