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    New function for XIM instantiate callback. New function where call to · 66933a6b
    Hidetoshi Tajima authored
    Tue Jun 10 11:23:48 2003  Hidetoshi Tajima  <hidetoshi.tajima@sun.com>
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (xim_instantiate_callback): New
    	function for XIM instantiate callback.
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (xim_info_try_im): New function
    	where call to XOpenIM() or XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback() is
    	actually made.
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (xim_destroy_callback): New function
    	for XIM's destroy callback.
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (get_im): add a check if info->im
    	is set or not - if it's not set, call xim_info_try_im() to try to
    	initiaize it.
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (reinitialize_ic): reset
    	filter_key_release flag of the context.
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (get_ic_real): removed
    	* modules/input/gtkimcontextxim.c (gtk_im_context_xim_get_ic): move
    	code from the removed get_ic_real().
    	For XIM instantiation, destruction and re-instantiation. With
    	this, Gtk+ apps will be able to connect or reconnect to the XIM,
    	when it starts after the apps, or when the XIM gets lost and recover.
    	(#113099, #107782).
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