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    Patch from James Henstridge to update to automake-1.7 (#109542) · 629a0e14
    Owen Taylor authored
    Tue May  6 16:50:52 2003  Owen Taylor  <>
            Patch from James Henstridge to update to automake-1.7
            * update to call newer tools.
            * various updates, to use M4 macros to put
            variables that change each release at the top.
            Use AC_HELP_STRING to format help strings.
            Use AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS to generate gdkconfig.h.
            * require Automake 1.7.  Remove gdk-2.0.pc and
            gtk+-2.0.pc on uninstall.  Pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure
            during distcheck.
            * docs/reference/*/ simplify to use the gtk-doc.make
            makefile fragment.
            * */ don't use STRIP_BEGIN/STRIP_END.
            Use BUILT_SOURCES where appropriate.
            Build generated files in builddir rather than srcdir.
            Fix uninstall and distclean targets to satisfy distcheck.
            * gdk/*/ Remove the hacks to get gdkenumtypes.h
            built first, since we are now using BUILT_SOURCES.
            * gdk/ Remove an outdated comment about gdk_headers.
            * demos/gtk-demo/ Fix srcdir != buildd problem
            * Update versions to 2.3.0.
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