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    GDK instead of Gdk. · 5b291073
    Matthias Clasen authored
            * gdk-pixbuf/porting-from-imlib.sgml: GDK instead of Gdk.
            * gdk-pixbuf/tmpl/gdk-pixbuf-xlib-init.sgml: Replace references to
            deprecated functions.
            * gdk/tmpl/event_structs.sgml, gdk/tmpl/gcs.sgml,
            gdk/tmpl/images.sgml: Replace references to deprecated functions.
            * gdk/tmpl/properties.sgml, gdk/tmpl/selections.sgml: Additions.
            * gdk/x11/gdkproperty-x11.c, gdk/x11/gdkselection-x11.c:
            Minor documentation tweaks.
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