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    Change semantics of the draw signal · 45744d9a
    Benjamin Otte authored
    Previously, we tried to move the context's origin to the widget's top
    left location, no matter what window the paint was happening on. Now we
    only do that for child windows of the widget's window and leave the
    context untouched for windows that the widget has created outside its
    own hierarchy. In those casses, we also don't clip the context to
    the widget's allocation.
    Includes fixes to GtkHandlebox for this effect and fixes all known
    issues with it.
    These semantics assume that gtk_widget_draw() should only draw the parts
    of a widget that are inside child windows and not draw stuff that is
    located in completely different GdkWindows. In the handlebox case, it
    means that it should only draw the handle when it is attached, but not
    when it isn't. We'll likely need a special draw function for the
    detached handlebox if we want to draw it.
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