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    Bug 384940 – handle rejecting jobs and authentication meaningfully · 1eb96ead
    Matthias Clasen authored
            Patch by Marek Kasik, icons by Mike Langlie:
            * gtk/gtk.symbols:
            * gtk/gtkprintbackend.h:
            * gtk/gtkprinter.[hc]: Add new paused and accepting-jobs properties
            and getters/setters.
            * gtk/gtkstock.h:
            * gtk/gtkiconfactory.c:
            * gtk/Makefile.am:
            * gtk/stock-icons/{16,24}/gtk-print-paused.{png,svg}: New icon.
            * modules/printbackends/cups/gtkprintbackendcups.c:
            * gtk/gtkprintunixdialog.c: Handle paused and job-rejecting
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