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    gtkbutton.c gtkclist.c gtkdrawingarea.c gtkentry.c gtkeventbox.c · 11d37c50
    Owen Taylor authored
    Sun Jan 18 09:57:00 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
    * gtkbutton.c gtkclist.c gtkdrawingarea.c gtkentry.c gtkeventbox.c
      gtkfixed.c gtkhandlebox.c gtkhscale.c gtkhscrollbar.c gtkitem.c
      gtklist.c gtkmenushell.c gtkmisc.c gtknotebook.c gtkpaned.c
      gtkpreview.c gtkprogressbar.c gtkruler.c gtktext.c gtktree.c
      gtkviewport.c gtkvscale.c gtkvscrollbar.c gtkwidget.{c,h}
      Added gtk_widget_set_parent and gtk_widget_get_parent. All
      widgets should use:
       gtk_widget_get_parent() instead of widget->parent->window.
      Any widget that wants to have children not in the parent window,
      should use gtk_widget_set_parent () in their realize() and
      add () routines.
      CList and Viewport widgets changed to do this. (Viewport
      widget using code from gtk-fortier-980117-0.patch.)
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