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The po/ directory includes two perlscripts, which is done to help 
making the translations fully uptodate.

The first script is called and is supposed to be run like this:


This will updates the pot file (the po template, generated from the source code) 
and merge them with the translations po files.

For instance to do this for Danish, type the following

	./ da

The script also supports other options, they are:

  -V, --version                shows the version
  -H, --help                   shows this help page
  -P, --pot                    only generates the potfile
  -M, --maintain               search for missing files in

Especially the --maintain option is very handy for package maintainer, to check
if you included all the files that have marked strings in the, so
they will be in the generated po template, the socalled pot file.

There is though one thing to take notice of with this option, please check the file to make sure that the files you add to are being
build, otherwise this can leed to "make dist" throuble.

The other utility is the script, which will check the cvs module for
missing translation in files like *.desktop, *.directory, *.soundlist and so on.

Run the script like this:


An example use could be.

	./ da

which will check all the files for missing Name[da] entries, or 

	./ no Comment

which will check all the files for missing Comment[no] entries. "Comment" can
here be replaced with whatever you like

All scripts support the --help option for further help, though it's not very
extensive for the moment.

Kenneth Christiansen

Both scripts are copyright 2000 The Free Software Foundation and me.